Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions


Music video sessions recorded in the heart of Essex County in South-Western Ontario.

The Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions (SPCHS) is a collaborative initiative that developed out of the video recording of Dale’s Friday Coffee House at The Bank Theatre and Meeting Place in Leamington. They are produced and filmed in the Quantum Sound Productions studio in Kingsville.

Our goal

Our goal at the SPCHS is simple – to produce high-quality video sessions for professional and semi-professional musicians, from the local, national, and international scene. Participating artists are provided with a promotional product that highlights their talent and thereby serves to further the development of their music careers.

A great opportunity for musicians

A full-length video session is granted to qualifying musicians at no-cost. Each session includes the filming of a five or six song set of original music, as well as an in-depth interview with radio personality Jan Hall from Folk Roots Radio. The final product will be made available through our website and video channels to share with, and help build your fanbase.

Avenues of exposure

SPCHS sessions are uploaded to our Vimeo channel and showcased on our website at Video sessions will also be made available via our Youtube channel.
On request, individual song videos can be made available for sharing via our Youtube channel.

The Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions airs on YourTV Windsor/Leamington community channels 11 and 700 on Mondays at 10 pm, Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays at 11:30 pm.

A professional production team

The SPCHS has brought together a dedicated team of people who are committed to this project. Each member of the team is an established professional in their own right, bringing unique and complementary skills to this collaborative effort. Combined, they have the expertise necessary to produce a high-quality video session.

Host/Producer: Jan Hall
Video Director/Producer: Gary Glass
Producer: Dale G Butler
Sound: Stu Campbell
Website: Susan Wheeler-Hall

Requirements to be featured on the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions

Now in our third season, the SPCHS team is actively accepting applications from musicians, singer-songwriters and bands for video sessions.

Artists to be featured must be actively pursuing a career in music and meet at least some of the following criteria:
• a touring schedule
• CD/vinyl releases and other saleable merchandise
• on-going radio play
• active website and social media fan engagement

How to apply

If you feel you are a fit and fall into at least one of the guidelines above, please complete the application form, making sure to include working links to where we can learn more about you and your music e.g. website, video channel, social media, Electronic Press Kit (epk) etc. Please also include a 50-75 word bio.

Submissions may be sent to [email protected] or by contacting any member of our team directly. Selection for performance is based on the criteria set out by the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions as noted above.

Please bear in mind that it costs us a minimum of $400 each time we do a session. For that reason it is very important that you LIKE our page on Facebook HERE, FOLLOW us on Twitter HERE and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel HERE before you join us in the studio.

What we agree to do once your application is approved

Before filming

Once your application for a session has been approved, our host, Jan Hall, will contact you to discuss the interview portion of your video session. You will also be asked to provide us with your stage plot and another set-up requirements.

During filming

Music is recorded first – each of the 5-6 songs in the set being recorded individually, followed by an interview with Jan Hall from Folk Roots Radio.

There is also a bonus feature  – a short segment, known as Gear Talk, which provides an opportunity to talk about the instruments you love with Dale G Butler.

Following filming

Your completed SPCHS video session will be:
• Aired on the Cogeco Windsor/Leamington community television channel. It will also be uploaded to our Youtube and Vimeo channels and will by embedded on our website.
• Promoted on our social media. Please LIKE our page on Facebook HERE, FOLLOW us on Twitter HERE and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel HERE before you join us in the studio.
• On request, we will make individual song videos available for sharing via our Youtube channel.

What we ask of you

Our dedicated team works to film and promote you in the best light and sound possible. On the day you are scheduled for videotaping we ask that you be prompt, and arrive with your best game face. Prepare as you would for an important and sought-after gig.
Be excited!

Please do not bring extra people with you who will not be a part of your video session. It is important to keep the studio space as clean, and quiet as possible during taping. We are an efficient team and run a tight ship, and want to make sure you enjoy the journey.

Although we do charge to record a session, we ask that you do your best to share your SPCHS video widely and respectfully remember to include, tag and highlight us in your social media promotions. And if you like what we’ve done, we’d love it if you would consider making a donation to support our work.

Please know the SPCHS team is thrilled to be a part of helping you with your music aspirations.

Photo: Ian Foster.

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